Max Daniel Portrait

Max Daniel

Executive Director

Max manages FRI and oversees the development of FRI's strategy and research agenda. He holds a degree in mathematics from Heidelberg University and previously served on the board of an international development NGO.

Brian Tomasik Portrait

Brian Tomasik

Research Lead

Brian is the author of over 100 pieces on his website, “Essays on Reducing Suffering," as well as several published papers. He has worked at Microsoft and FlyHomes as a data scientist and web developer. He studied computer science, mathematics, and statistics at Swarthmore College.

Lukas Gloor Portrait

Lukas Gloor


Lukas co-founded the Effective Altruism Foundation and writes for the Crucial Considerations blog. He studied philosophy and biology at Zurich University and has experience as a semi-professional poker player. His research areas are movement strategy, metaethics and population ethics, and risks from artificial intelligence.

Caspar Oesterheld Portrait

Caspar Oesterheld


Caspar studied computer science at the University of Bremen. In middle and high school, he completed a year's worth of university-level courses in mathematics at the University of Hamburg. He has published in the journal Synthese and his research areas include theoretical computer science, ethics, and artificial intelligence.

Simon Knutsson Portrait

Simon Knutsson

Researcher (on parental leave)

Simon has chaired the board of Animal Charity Evaluators and of the political party for animals in Sweden, spent several years at an investment company, and worked as a Research Analyst at GiveWell. He has studied philosophy at the master's level at New York University, and he has an MSc in economics with highest distinction from University of Gothenburg. Personal website.

Kaj Sotala Portrait

Kaj Sotala

Associate Researcher

Kaj studied at the University of Helsinki, graduating with a BA in Cognitive Science and an MSc in Computer Science. He has previously worked for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and has publications in the areas of AI safety, AI timeline forecasting, and consciousness research.

Holly Elmore Portrait

Holly Elmore

Associate Researcher

Holly is a graduate student in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. Her academic interests include bioinformatics, comparative genomics and the evolution of sex and intragenomic conflict. She is also president of the Harvard University Effective Altruism student group.

Ruairí Donnelly Portrait

Ruairí Donnelly

Director of Growth

Ruairí coordinates our recruitment, development and collaborations with other organizations. Previously, he led the effective altruist fundraising project Raising for Effective Giving, where he helped fundraise millions of dollars for highly effective charities.

David Althaus Portrait

David Althaus

Assistant Director

David communicates with new potential researchers and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of FRI's operations and outreach programs. He also works for the Effective Altruism Foundation. David studied mathematics and psychology and received his MSc in decision psychology from the University of Basel.

Johannes Treutlein Portrait

Johannes Treutlein

Research and Growth

Johannes researches decision theory and supports FRI's recruiting and Outreach. Before his work at FRI, Johannes studied the double bass in Stuttgart and Nuremberg and played with the Munich Philharmonic.


FRI's advisors review and contribute to our research on a pro bono basis.

Olle Häggström

Olle is a Professor of Mathematical Statistics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and the author of “Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity”. He is an associated researcher at the Stockholm-based Institute for Future Studies, and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Adrian Hutter

Adrian is a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Basel, where he also earned his PhD in theoretical physics, graduating summa cum laude. He has several publications in the fields of quantum physics and quantum computation.

Ulla Wessels

Ulla is Professor of Practical Philosophy at Saarland University in Germany. She has published several books and numerous articles. Her research interests include consequentialism, welfarism, supererogation, moral psychology, and applied ethics (population ethics, bioethics).

Bengt Brülde

Bengt is Professor of Practical Philosophy at University of Gothenburg and University West in Sweden. He has done research on health, happiness, suffering, bioethics, and other areas. He is one of the most prominent figures in Sweden in his field and he appears frequently in the media.

David Pearce

David is author of "The Hedonistic Imperative," which calls for the use of biotechnology to phase out the biology of suffering throughout the living world. He co-founded the World Transhumanist Association (now called Humanity+), and he is currently Director at the Neuroethics Foundation.

Ole Martin Moen

Ole Martin is a Research Fellow in Philosophy at University of Oslo who works on how to think straight about thorny issues in applied ethics. He is Principal Investigator of "What should not be bought and sold?", a $1 million ethics project funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

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