Are you interested in FRI’s philosophy and work and would like to discuss it with us?

If you are interested in the implications of having suffering-focused values on your career choice, or more concretely how to best contribute to reducing s-risks or another FRI research focus area (e.g., multiverse-wide superrationality or decision theory), then let’s talk! To apply for a call, please fill out the form below.

For this call to be most productive, you should have read all four entries under “Philosophy” on this website. Depending on your replies in the scheduling form, we might also send you some more articles in preparation of our call.

Please note that due to time constraints we can’t talk to everyone who’d like to get in touch. However, the more familiar you are with effective altruism, and FRI’s views in particular, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to schedule a call with you.